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Sloan Public Library Launches Live Online Job Assistance

Includes job hunting assistance, professional resume review, and interview preparation


Sloan Public Library is pleased to announce the launch of Brainfuse JobNowTM – a versatile online service designed to support every step of the job search process. JobNow features live online coaches who, among other things, assist in resume/cover letter preparation, and help patrons prepare for job interviews.


JobNow™ will be available to all library patrons from any home or library computer, or mobile device. 

Background information

JobNow™ provides live online assistance, powerful tools, and other resources for job-seekers. It features the following services:

Live Interview Coaching: Patrons can brush up on interview techniques or get live online interview practice from trained job coaches. Job coaches and patrons communicate via live chat in our online classroom. In addition to live interview coaching, patrons enjoy 24/7 access to interview tips and career resources.

Resume Lab: Patrons can submit their resumes any time through the JobNow Resume Lab and a job coach will send it back within 24 hours with detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement. Users are also able to download resume templates, or browse resources for producing better resumes.

Career Resources: Patrons enjoy 24/7 access to a carefully-selected library of job resources. In addition, Brainfuse job coaches help users strategically target jobs best suited to their interests and qualifications.

Adult Learning Center: The Adult Learning Center provides foundational, career-enhancing skills to job seekers. In addition, the Adult Learning Center offers test preparation (including the GED and the USCIS citizenship test) and a unique academic skills center featuring live, online tutors.



                                         The Sloan Public Library launches Live Help for Veterans and Their Families

Includes assistance for veterans and their families with potential eligible benefits in education, employment, healthcare, and housing

The Sloan Public Library is pleased to announce the launch of Brainfuse VetNowTM - support for our community's veterans and their families with navigating the VA bureaucracy, providing academic tutoring, and employment transition assistance. VetNow™ will be available to all patrons from any computer or mobile device 

VetNow includes the following features:   

 LIVE ONLINE NAVIGATORS: VetNow Navigators are trained to help veterans and families connect with valuable benefits and resources:

  • ·         Answer questions related to  benefits eligibility
  • ·         Refer patrons to applicable community resources for housing, healthcare and education benefits
  • ·         Assist patrons with locating accredited claims agents

JOB TOOLS: Designed to help with all stages of the job hunting process, the VetNow Job Tools feature career coaching, expert resume assistance, live interview preparation, and more. With the Job Tools patrons are able to:

  • ·         Use the career resources to discover their best career fit based on education, experience,  and personality
  • ·         Search for a job with nationwide and local resources
  • ·         Download template for the most common resume types
  • ·         Receive resume and cover letter assistance from  trained experts
  • ·         Brush up on interview techniques or get live online interview practice from trained job coaches

COLLEGE SKILLS: Users build academic skills and prepare for college with VetNow's array of tools, including:

  • ·         Interaction with live tutors in a wide range of college level subjects
  • ·         Live skills  tutoring  and  an  extensive  library of lessons, video tutorials, and practice tests including SAT, ACT, TEAS, HESI,  GRE, GMAT and more
  • ·         Live or asynchronous expert analysis of writing, complete with constructive comments
  • ·         Asynchronous 24/7 help with academic questions
  • ·         Live help for language  learners
  • ·         Create and share flashcards, tests, and educational games