Library Board


The Board of Trustees of the Sloan Public Library consists of seven members, appointed to the board by the City of Sloan.  All members to the board will be for six years, except to fill vacancies.  

Current members of the Board of Trustees are:  Karel Birnie; Darrell Iverson, President; Dixie Iverson, Treasurer; Lisa Koenig; Joanna Low; Mary Parker; Alissa Reeves; Steve Spohr



Sloan Public Library Meeting Minutes

Monday, September 18, 2023 @ 6:30 PM

Library Meeting Room

Director Victoria Eliason; Librarian Teresa Ernst; Treasurer Dixie Iverson; Alissa Reeves; Lisa Koenig; Karel Birnie; Joanna Low; Mary Parker; and Steve Spohr.

Call to Order at 6:32 P.M.

Minutes Approval from 8-14-23

-Motion to approve Lisa K.; 2nd Karel B.   M.C.

Agenda Approval

-Motion to approve Mary P.; 2nd Alissa R.   M.C.

Bills Approval-August 2023

-Motion to approve Joanna L.; 2nd Mary P.   M.C.

Treasurer’s Report

-Motion to approve Alissa R; 2nd Lisa K.   M.C.

Public Comment

Librarian’s Report:   See Attached Sheet


         *Children’s Book Council Update

-377 received of 600 total

*Replacing Library Laptop—2023 Lenova Yoga

-Purchased from Best Buy. $481 for purchase; $37 for bag

          *Landscaping Project Update

  -$330 in donations received. Also received flowers and landscaping fabric. 

-Landscaping bricks are in place. Purchased from Menards. City paid for them.

-Discussed putting in an evergreen variety of tree(s).

-Thank you to generous patrons and Teresa E. for her work on this project.



         *Passport Acceptance Facility

-Discussed applying with the government to become an acceptance facility.

-No fee to apply. Government provides training videos.

-Generate profits as the library would be allowed to charge a $35 application fee.

-Victoria to look into it further and start application procedure


**Also talked about offering a Notary Service. Board asked Victoria to look into this.


         *Carpet Cleaning

                     -Acquiring bids from ServPro and Adam Teel Carpet Cleaning

-Board accepted bid from Adam Teel of Teel Carpet and Tile

-Motion to accept bid Lisa K.; 2nd Alissa R..  M.C.


         *Annual Learning Circuit in Sioux Center

                     -September 28---9 AM-3:30 PM        

-Vicky and Teresa attending—Library Closed for afternoon


         *Mahjong Group

-game set being donated.



*Nintendo Switch

-Board approved the purchase of a Switch Console Bundle and 3 Joy-cons/Controllers 

plus 3 games.  (Mario Kart, Minecraft, and Switch Sports)

-Motion to approve Lisa K.; 2nd Alissa R…  M.C.


         *Homecoming Parade

                     -Theme: Westwood, It’s Your Time to Shine

                     -Library’s Parade Entry: Let’s Ring in a Victory

                     -Parade Favors: Rings-.$0.26 apiece

-Supplies and favors totalled $88.96


*Upcoming Programs:  

                     -Adult Craft Night—Rustic Wooden Pumpkin   9/14/23

                     -Homecoming Parade-Closed                        9/22/23

                 -Annual Learning Circuit-Closed                     9/28/23

                     Adult Craft Night   (Feather Bookmark)                 10/12/23                   

-Inaugural Fall “Bar” Crawl-Starts at 6 PM       10/19/23

                     -Junior Duck Stamp Exhibit---November 13 through December 3

-Jingle All the Way and Santa Visit 12/10/23


Board Education

  -Board Members were elected.

President:  Mary Parker was nominated by Lisa K; 2nd Joanna L.  M.C.

Secretary:  Joanna Low was nominated by Mary P.; 2nd Lisa K.  M.C.

Other Business

Next Meeting:  Monday, October 16, 2023 at 6:30 PM   

Adjourn at 7:53 P.M.                                                   

 Open Meeting—Public Invited to Attend