Library Board


The Board of Trustees of the Sloan Public Library consists of seven members, appointed to the board by the City of Sloan.  All members to the board will be for six years, except to fill vacancies.  

Current members of the Board of Trustees are:  Karel Birnie; Darby Iverson; Dixie Iverson, Treasurer; Lisa Koenig; Joanna Low; Mary Parker, President;  Alissa Reeves; and Steve Spohr.  

As existing board members terms expire, we need new individuals to join the board.  If you are a resident of the communities of Sloan or Salix and have an interest in serving on the Library Board, please contact the library at 712-428-4200. 




Sloan Public Library Meeting Minutes

Monday, February 19, 2024 @ 6:30 PM

Library Meeting Room


Director Victoria Eliason; Librarian Teresa Ernst; Treasurer Dixie Iverson; Mary Parker, President; Alissa Reeves; Lisa Koenig; Karel Birnie; JoAnna Low; Steve Spohr; and Darby Iverson.


Call to Order at 6:33 pm


Minutes Approval from 1-16-23

Motion to approve by JoAnna L., 2nd by Karel B., M.C.

Bills Approval

Motion to approve by Darby I., 2nd by Steve S., M.C.

Treasurer’s Report

Motion to approve by Mary P., 2nd by JoAnna L., M.C.

Public Comment


Librarian’s Report:   See Attached Sheet


Unfinished Business:

         *Flower Bed Along Front Exterior

-50 bags of rock from Menards


         *Blinds/Shades for Front Windows


New Business:

         *Formally approve 4.5 hours sick time for Vicky

Motion to approve by Steve S., 2nd by Darby I., M.C.


         *Receive and Adopt Proposed Amended FY 24 Budget

Motion to approve Steve S., 2nd by Karel B., M.C. 


         *Receive and Adopt Proposed FY25 Budget

Motion to approve Darby I., 2nd by Mary P., M.C.


         *Book System Annual Renewal ($1,740.00)


*Upcoming Programs:  

               -Adult Craft Night-Easter Craft-TBD 

Rabbit door hanger w/ crackle paint  3/7/24 at 5:30 PM            

-Professor Charles Polk, “Myth of the American Cowboy”-3/14/24 at 5:30 PM

              -Dr. Todd Young Eclipse Talk-3/19/24 at 7 PM

              -Linda McCann Rosies of Iowa Talk-4/30/24 at 11 AM


Board Education

         *Senate Study Bill (SSB) 3168, SSB 3131, and HS678


Other Business

Contact Rick Brenden to repair toilet


Next Meeting:  Monday, March 18, 2024 at 6:30 PM  


Adjourn at 7:40 PM                              


Open Meeting—Public Invited to Attend