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Downloadable Bad Kitty Gets A Shot book by Nick Bruel

In Bad Kitty’s newest adventure she GETS A SHOT and learns the importance of taking care of your health! This FREE black and white downloadable story is the perfect way to keep your kids engaged and entertained, while also emphasizing a very timely message. Print it out, read it aloud, and color the pages!

Download Bad Kitty Gets A Shot



Brainfuse offers homework help for all ages.  To access Brainfuse, click on the link below.






Buidling Better Readers


Studies have shown that two months of readding skills are lost over the summer, and teachers spend six weeks on average re-teaching old material. 

Summer slide is always a concern, but now more than ever, it is important to try to retain and improve literacy skills, even when school is not in session. 

To help combat the summer slide, the Sloan Public Library is starting a new literacy program for "Apprentice Readers" in 1st, 2nd or 3rd grades that could use some extra help with sharpening their reading skills, in a pair/share reading environment with "Master Readers".

Studies show that even 20 minutes a week will improve children's reading skills, comprehension, fluency and vocabulary. The more they read and are read to, the more they improve. 

Children will also be able to check out new "Read Together" books that a parent and child can read together to further build their reading skills with just five or ten minutes of reading a day. 

Children can sign up for one or two sessions a week. 

If you have any questions, please contact the library at or call us at 712 428 4200 for more information or to sign your child up for the program. 

Parents can also sign their children up at Sign up Schedule

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