Sloan Public Library Re-Opening Phased Plan
Draft Completed 05/15/2020
Approved: May 18th, 2020 


Safety of employees, volunteers and patrons is a top priority. Our most frequent patrons are young children and adults over 60. Our phased plan takes this into consideration, since children can spread COVID-19 asymptomatically, and adults over 60 with other comorbidities are most at risk from COVID-19. Our plans take these things into consideration to keep these populations, and ultimately all of our patrons of all ages, safe and healthy. 

These plans were developed after reviewing current CDC Reopening Guidance and Guidance for Businesses, OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19, Iowa Department of Public Health Reopening Guidelines (5/13/2020), Siouxland District Health guidelines, as well as the Governor’s Proclamation, (Dated Wed, 05/13/2020 - 11:45am. Section M.   Libraries: As of May 15th, 2020, at 5:00am, A library may reopen or remain open provided that it limits the number of patrons present to no more than 50% of its maximum legal occupancy capacity and implements reasonable measures under the circumstances of each library to ensure social distancing of employees and patrons, increased hygiene practices, and other public health measures to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 consistent with guidance issued by the Iowa Department of Public Health.), and the State Library Of Iowa recommendations. 

See Appendix A at the end of this document for links to these resources. 

This information is current as of Friday, May 15th, 2020

The phases outlined below will be constantly monitored on a daily basis and could change as the situation changes with the prevalence of cases in the community. For example, if we reach Phase 2, and we have a spike in new cases, we can back down to Phase 1, or close entirely depending on the situation. 

The public will be notified via Facebook and other social media, as well as the Sloan Public Library website, and the Starlet if and when these phases change. 

Phase 1:  Library open to public - limited time and capacity, and curbside service available. 

June 1st

Criteria for starting Phase 1:

-Governor approval of libraries in Woodbury County to open (Approved As of May 15th) & Phase 1 of Federal Reopen Plan
-Recommendations from ALA and State Library of Iowa
-Easing of physical distancing restrictions
-Curbside pickup allowed at non-essential businesses

Library Services Available in Phase 1: 
Library is open to public, browsing allowed - with 20 minute time limit
-Accept returns with continued cleaning & quarantine protocols
-Curbside holds pickup (10 item limit to start with)
-In-Library holds pickup, self-checkout
-Checkout desk staffed behind sneeze guard
-First hour open to patrons for elderly & immunocompromised
-Limit number of patrons in building at a time. 
⦁    no more than 10 people in the library at a time. 
⦁    Study Room: would be 2 people only
⦁    Computer lab: maximum of 4 people. 
Online services will continue to be available, website resources, Overdrive/Bridges E-book, Audiobook and magazine service will also remain available. 
New library card numbers can be requested via the website and account will be set up, patron notified of card number, and they will be able to pick up their card when the library is open for patrons to enter the library space. 
Summer reading packets will be available for pick up from a table outside the library starting Monday before the first online session in June.
-Patron assistance via phone, email, chat
-Programs: online only
-Outreach: suspended
-No donations accepted

Inside the Library:

- patrons required to wear masks
-Remove or separate furniture
-Computer use with time restrictions, separate computer stations as possible, remove middle computers to maintain social distancing.
-Staff utilize “Team Viewer” software to be able to help patrons with computer issues and maintain social distancing. 
-Fax, print, copy - by appointment, have employee do the faxing or copying to reduce number of people touching the printer. 
-Proctoring tests by appt
-No Meeting Room bookings allowed
-Study Rooms available
-Children’s Area: limited or no learning centers or toys
-Restroom available 
-No donations accepted

Library Hours:

Employees at library during normal business hours. 1:30 - 6:30, M, Thu, Tues: 4pm - 7pm, Wed: 10 am - 6:30 pm, Fri: 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Open to patrons one hour later than normal opening time, and close one hour earlier than closing time to allow for cleaning/sanitizing, emptying book drop, checking books in, wiping books down, and other necessary preparation. This may change if it is found that it doesn’t take as long at the beginning of the day or end of the day for cleaning. 

Staff to maintain social distancing as much as possible. 

Needs for Phase 1:

-Procure PPE masks, gloves, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer
-Staff allowed to wear PPE
-Sneeze guard installed on checkout desk
-Training: safety and new library procedures
-Building supplies: cleaning products, toilet paper, etc.
-Expanded cleaning protocols in place
-Update use recommendations of library, short visits, no large groups, no congregating, require masks
-Update policies if needed
-Signage: safety, directional, and distancing cues
-Promotion via website and social media, city

Library Hours during phase 1: 
Initially we will open limited public hours to allow employees to empty book drop, quarantine books for 1 week, check reserve list and pull books/movies off of shelves and prepare them for patron pickup. Employees will report at normal open times, with reduced patron pick up times to allow for additional work that needs to be done. These hours may change due to the changing current situation. Illness may be a factor as well. 

⦁    Have no more than two employees in the library together at one time and observe social distancing as much as possible.  
⦁    Have appropriate PPE available for employees for them to feel comfortable to work in the library.
a.    Gloves
b.    Masks
c.    cleaning/disinfecting solution/paper towels for cleaning available
3. If a volunteer or employee feels ill, running a fever or coughing, they will notify the library director and will be instructed to go home, and self-isolate. 

Curbside service will be an option for those who do not want to enter the library. Allow patrons to reserve books online or via phone during open hours,  to be picked up outside the library at a designated time. 
a.    Patrons call only during open hours of library to reserve books if they do not want to or know how to use the online reservation system. This will prevent a backlog of requests that employees will not be able to keep up with. 
b.    Allow patrons to use our Online Patron Access Catalog to reserve their books/movies that will be pulled on the current/next business day. Reports will be checked/pulled every half hour during open hours and books will be pulled, checked out, placed in a bag and labeled for pick up. 
c.    Patrons will be contacted either via text, phone call or email to reserve a time to pick up their items. 
d.    Items will be placed in a bag labeled either with the last name of patron, or the pick up time to denote it is their bag. 
e.    Pickups to be scheduled at least 10 minutes apart to avoid patrons congregating at the same time to pick up materials. 
f.    Books/movies ready for pick up will be placed on a table outside the library a few minutes before scheduled pick up time.

Daily opening procedures: 

⦁    Once employee arrives, they will put on PPE as they are comfortable with. 
⦁    Book drop will be emptied into a tub labeled with that day - for example, on Monday, those books will be placed in a plastic tote labeled “Monday” and placed in the meeting room for quarantine. 
⦁    After book drop is emptied and quarantined, employee will wash hands, use sanitizer, or safely remove gloves if worn, and they will be disposed of properly to avoid contamination. 
⦁    2nd employee will pull the reserve report, print the report, and pull items from shelves that have been reserved. 
⦁    Items will be checked out to appropriate patron
⦁    Patron will be notified items are ready for pick up and schedule a time to pick up. 
⦁    Items will be placed in a bag/bags labeled with last name. 
⦁    Bag will be placed outside on a table a few minutes before pick up time. 


Criteria to implement:

-Governor recommendation & Phase 2 of Federal Reopen Plan
-Fewer restrictions but not full services
-Relaxed physical distancing protocols but no large events or gatherings
-Similar organizations or libraries expanding services with positive results

Library Services in Phase 2

All above plus:
-Programs: some continue online as possible, limited in-person programming
-Outreach: suspended, possibly resume on case by case basis
-Meeting Rooms available with limited capacity
-No donations accepted
Chairs/furniture returned to library space
Additional computers put back into service

Library Hours: 

Resume regular open hours for patrons as normal. 


-Procure PPE masks, gloves, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer
-Full staff
-Training: safety and new library procedures
-Continued increased cleaning

Phase 3: Date TBD

Criteria for entering Phase 3:

-No physical distancing limits
-Vaccine readily available

Library Services:

All services resume as normal


-Maintain supplies and cleaning
-Remove sneeze guard from checkout desk

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